Enjoy a luxurious, relaxing holiday in our countryside home


A day away at our small seaside inn.
We offer a comfortable environment
that will help you to leave
behind the concerns of everyday life.

Because the inn is small, common spaces are precious areas.
Our goal is to provide you with a delightful space
to relax in addition to your room.
The terrace and lounge reflect this philosophy.
Discover hospitality in even the smallest details.

Open Terrace & Lounge—Hana to Umi

The lounge sets the stage for a delightful stay as you gaze out the window at the rolling waves of the Minamiboso peninsula.
Have a delicious coffee or read your favorite book on the oceanfront open terrace.

  • Elegant tea time around the fireplace

    Elegant tea time around the fireplace

    The lounge features comfortable chairs and sofas where you can relax. A cozy spot for conversation surrounds the fireplace in a corner of the lounge. Feel free to visit this space when you check in and check out, or before or after your meals.

  • Enjoy the view of the horizon and the sound of the waves from the open terrace

    Enjoy the view of the horizon and the sound of the waves from the open terrace

    When the weather is nice, the open terrace can be accessed directly from the lounge. Enjoy the resort-like environment as you gaze out at the blue ocean of the Shiomi coast and feel the comfortable ocean breeze.

Hanashibuki hospitality


  • A delightful complimentary drink service

    A delightful complimentary drink service

    Have you ever worried about having to pay for drinks when you’ve stayed at a hotel? We want you leave your worries behind and leave the small details to us during your stay! That’s why we offer a complimentary drink service in the Hanashibuki lounge. Drinks differ depending on the time, so come and discover what we have!

  • A small library area

    A small library area

    At the back of the lounge you’ll find the small Hanashizuka Library. Visit the library for Minamiboso tourism pamphlets, magazines, books of various types and newspapers.

Nami no Hana Souvenir Shop

The shop sells snacks using the loquat fruit, a Minamiboso specialty, as well as dried, locally caught fish and other products from the sea.
You’ll also find unique foods developed by Hanashibuki chefs that you won’t find anywhere else.


Treat yourself to beautifying and healing spa treatments, from facials to full-body aromatherapy.
Enjoy these services in a private room.

Aromatherapy treatments
(By reservation only)
From 8,500 JPY (excl. tax)
/30 minutes

Check with the Hanashibuki front desk for more information on services and times.

  • Reservations may be made for only one person at a time as all services are provided in a single room.
  • To reserve your desired time, we recommend that you mail and reserve in advance.
  • You can enjoy aroma treatment at The Shinra (Group hotel).

Hanatsubaki Traditional Japanese Fine Dining

Enjoy this cozy Japanese-style dining experience on Western-style seating.
Fresh fish straight from the tank are cooked in the open kitchen to make your meal even more enticing.

Group Banquets and Celebrations

We have banquet halls of various sizes to cater to both large and small groups.
Experience a Minamiboso Tateyama party to the fullest as you relax and enjoy conversation with friends.

Hanashibuki Facilities

Guest Rooms:
12 Japanese-style rooms, 1 special premium room, 2 modern Japanese/Western-style rooms, 1 family Japanese/Western-style room, 1 Western-style room (Capacity for 82 guests)
Large baths:
Hanamori no Yu large men’s bath, Hama no Yu open-air bath, Hanasaki no Yu large women’s bath, and Nagisa no Yu open-air bath; After-soak lounge
Private open-air baths:
Tsuki no Yu and Hoshi no Yu
Communal facilities:
Hanatsubaki Traditional Japanese Fine Dining, Hana to Umi Lounge, Nami no Hana Souvenir Shop and Hanashizuka Library
Banquet Hall:
Large banquet hall (72-tatami mat, 60-person capacity, can be divided into 4 sections) and individual dining rooms (14-tatami mat)