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About the Inn

Minami-Boso Tateyama is located at the tip of the Boso Peninsula. The Uchibo coastline where the waves calmly lap the shore is where Hanashibuki sits. This coastal inn offers fine hospitality with a natural hot spring and shoreside seafood. Select the room that suits your preference, from a comfortable Standard Room with an ocean view, to a spacious Suite with an open-air bath looking out onto the Pacific Ocean.


Every morning, our Japanese chef inspects seasonal fish caught from the local ocean waters of Tateyama and prepares meals from the bounty of the ocean and coast with a rich flavor for you. You can sample a number of traditional Japanese dishes to your heart’s content. Also savor the unique taste of Minami-Boso specialties such as spiny lobster, abalone and turban shell, as well as Boshu sushi, a Tateyama specialty made with local fish.

Hot Spring

Hanashibuki’s excellent Tateyama Shiomi Hot Spring bath, “Kogane no Yu,” will softly embrace you and promptly relieve you of your travel fatigue. Enjoy your time in a comfortable bath with our spacious communal bath, a dip in an open-air bath where you can feel the sea breeze, or in a rentable open-air bath that puts a high premium on your privacy. We also have a wide range of soothing and beautifying esthetic treatments.

About the Area

The Minami-Boso Tateyama area where Hanashibuki is located is known as the setting for The Tale of Eight Dogs, an epic novel by Kyokutei Bakin, and a number of locations relating to the story dot the city. One of them is the Hakkenden Museum at the site of Tateyama Castle, where texts and color woodblock prints related to The Tale of Eight Dogs are on display. On the grounds is Shiroyama Park, well known for its flowers. In the spring, 600 cherry blossom trees (mid-March to mid-April) and 10,000 azaleas (mid-April to mid-May) bloom in profusion. There is also a golf course nearby where you can enjoy golfing in the middle of Mother Nature.


To get to the coastal inn of Hanashibuki in Minami-Boso Tateyama from Tokyo, you can take the train or a highway bus for a short trip under two hours. You can look out over the blue ocean from the train, or if traveling by bus you can stop by the Umihotaru parking area on the sea. Either way you’ll have a fun and comfortable journey to Hanashibuki.

  • Narita Airport ⇔ Hanashibuki (2 hr.)
  • Haneda Airport ⇔ Hanashibuki (1 hr. 30 min.)
  • Tokyo Disney Resort  ⇔ Hanashibuki (1 hr. 10 min.)
  • Akihabara  ⇔ Hanashibuki (2 hr.)